History of Perfection

Ifat Oved Official was established by a women dedicated to expressing the beauty of femininity through heart warming, captivating jewelry. She built a company out of the strong desire to express herself, and her passion to create and make other women happy and confident in their own choices. For her, it’s more than just jewelry, it’s the fulfillment of a woman’s true potential and passion, and her aim is for that to be reflected in her designs. The designs include all types of jewelry, from  the finest and most exclusive to more affordable styles.

Ifat is a businesswoman and mother of five., For years she worked as a partner in her family’s diamond and gemstone business. Her father, Albert Mashiach, is one of the pioneers in the global gemstone and diamond industry, specializing in emeralds. After years of working and gaining experience in the field, and at the height of a successful career, Ifat decided to follow her life-long dream. Ifat Oved Official was created from the desire of a woman’s heart.

Only the Finest

Over the years the pursuit of excellence has led us to choose the highest quality raw materials, the most talented professionals, and the highest level of consultancy, all with one clear goal – to bring you the best possible product.

In our unique jewelry catalog you will find products designed with love and a desire to make those who wear them feel special, just as special as they truly are.

You Shop - We Give


As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in and to impact the world in a positive way. Giving back is important to us and we want to share that passion with you.

Woman's Expression

Our “You Shop – We Give”, program has enabled us to build a better business by connecting our customers with nonprofit organizations across the globe.

The planet provides us with so much – and we, in return, wish nothing more than to give back.

Freedom of Expression

We invite you to experience our designs, based on a 40-year legacy of heartfelt creativity. We encourage you to treat yourself, to become your best self, by expressing your true nature through our jewelry.

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