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Celebrating the Freedom to Be

Jewelry Design Icon Ifat Oved Exhibits 100 Designs At 2023 Kornit Fashion Week Benefit
Tuesday Evening, March 21, 2023, The Tel Aviv Northern Port Was Home To Kornit Fashion Week’s Exciting Benefit Event That United 800 Individuals At Freedom To Be, With Distinguished Israeli Jewelry Designer Ifat Oved Honored To Exhibit 100 Pieces Of Her Unique Collection.

Shine Out At This New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re going to an elegant dinner or a glamorous end-of-the-year party, the outfit you choose has great importance for the year to come.
How will you choose to welcome the new year?

Diamonds investment route

Diamonds are lately becoming a highly sought after route for investors. Although this route is new, it makes sense when analyzing the diamond market in recent years. “We are being

The Magnificent Blue Diamond

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